Joint NERT Teams Get Ready for Citywide Drill

By Joanie van Rijn

Miraloma Park NERT Team hosted a joint NERT team meeting, March 14th, with Sunnyside NERTS, West Portal NERTS, and Glen Park NERTS to practice the Incident Command System (ICS). One of the more difficult skills is to learn ICS. This system controls the flow of information through Emergency Operations. It is used by all Emergency Agencies. The meeting was held at MPIC clubhouse and over 18 NERTS articipated. Each time the NERTS practice they get reminded of how logistics, operations, planning and intelligence and communications functions together.

The joint meeting was to prepare for the Citywide drill. On April 20th, the San Francisco Fire Dept. will conduct the citywide earthquake response drill at Everett Middle School. Neighborhood Emergency Response Teams (NERTs) from around the city will assemble and practice skills they have learned: medical triage, search and rescue, emergency first aid, fire suppression and ICS.

MPIC is proud of our NERTs and thank them for their continued training and working to keep our neighborhood ready.

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March 15, 2019

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