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Community Connector events and exercise and ukulele classes were suspended in compliance with the San Francisco Department of Health’s Shelter in Place Order. Here are some exercises, and classes that are available online.

Theresa, our retired Always Active teacher, sent this exercise video. It is about 30 min long. She misses all of the Seniors and wants them to stay healthy and keep dancing!


Join our Virtual Community Connector Network, with an array of online and phone offerings –  workshops, writing groups, social hours, exercise, and more. Follow along from home  with Kyra’s  dance and exercise videos.

Miraloma Park Connectors continue to reach out to neighbors by phone and email to connect and see if they need anything. If you would like to receive a wellness call or need groceries or medications delivered, please contact Darlene Ramlose at darlene@sfcommunityliving.org or
dramlose@aol.com or 714-423-8844.

Abby Margolis teaches beginning Ukulele on Tuesday’s at 2:00 pm. The Uke classes are now on ZOOM. You don’t need an account with ZOOM. To get the link to the class, email Abby at abbymmargolis@yahoo.com

Share your experiences with sheltering in place https://www.facebook.com/miralomaparkconnectors/

Once it is safe to do so, Community Connector events and classes will resume. You will be notified by email when Community Connector events resume. If you have any questions, contact Darlene Ramlose at darlene@sfcommunityliving.org or dramlose@aol.com or 714-423-8844.

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What We Do

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Miraloma Park is a community of 2,200 homes on Mount Davidson in San Francisco.