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Miraloma Park Neighborhood Emergency Response Team


The NERT program is designed to train people in personal preparedness and basic disaster skills, which will help residents be self-sufficient for at least 72 hours following a major disaster. The NERT training program consists of six modules that cover:

Class 1 : Earthquake Awareness, Preparedness and Mitigation
Class 2: Basic Disaster Skills – Utility Shut Off, Fire Extinguisher, Hazardous Materials
Class 3: Disaster Medicine, Triage, and Damage Assessment
Class 4: Light Search and Rescue, Lifting and Cribbing
Class 5: Team Organization and Management, Terrorism and NERT
Class 6: Hands-On Practice

The six weeks of NERT training is conducted by San Francisco Fire fighters. It is a great benefit not only to the resident, but also to their families and neighbors.

Miraloma Park has had a NERT Team since 2014. The NERT Coordinator is Joanie van Rijn, joanvanrijn@gmail.com . Prior to the Covid19 pandemic, team meetings were conducted throughout the year and held at the Miraloma Park clubhouse. Currently NERTS are invited to attend virtual trainings to keep their skills up to date.

What are NERTS doing now?

NERTS have distributed covid19 flyers throughout the neighborhood. They have volunteered to staff Food Banks and to assist at mass vaccination sites in San Francisco. NERTS attend a citywide drill each year. It was a virtual drill in 2020. NERTS have not been able to re-certify due to the pandemic. San Francisco Fire Department will notify current NERTS when the certification process can resume.


Each year, in October and April, residents of Miraloma Park are asked to post the NEED HELP/OK sign in a front facing window. This is a drill to notify neighbors of current status. Following a disaster, residents will post their sign so that emergency responders will know quickly how individual households are doing. If your household does not have this sign, please print and keep close to a front window so it is ready to use.

NEED HELP/OK SIGN (link to sign)


Many of the NERTS are member of the emergency radio operator team. Miraloma Park purchased two-way radios with District 7 Participatory Budgeting funds. The radios will facilitate emergency communication if needed. The Radio team practice frequently. You do not need to have prior experience to be a member. The Radio team practices with the Block Champions who also have two-way radios. If you are a resident of Miraloma Park are would like more information about becoming an Emergency Radio Operator please contact joanvanrijn@gmail.com


Emergency Supplies
Fire Suppression

Neighborhood Emergency Response Team – Field Guide (2021)

FEMA – What to do Before?

Be Ready! Earthquakes

Home Preparedness Kit

Create a Personal Disaster Plan

First Aid Kit

Adult Go-Bag

Children’s Go-Bag

Senior Go-Bag

Pet Disaster Plan

Sanitation – The Scoop on Poop


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NERT SF Coordinator

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