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Support your neighborhood by joining or renewing today. Residents and owners of property in Miraloma Park are eligible to join.

Fact: A $25.00 family membership amounts to less than 7 cents a day for one year to keep our neighborhood clean and safe. What a bargain!!

The larger our membership numbers, the greater our ability to advance MPIC’s mission to preserve and improve quality of life in Miraloma Park.

See our activities and achievements.

You can pay by credit card by clicking the links below for your category of membership:

Senior ($12.00)

Single Member ($15.00)

Family Membership ($25.00)

Supporting Member ($35.00)

Contributing Member ($50.00)

Sustaining Member ($100.00)

You can also download an application (PDF) and mail a check to:

350 O’Shaughnessy Boulevard
San Francisco, CA 94127

Last Updated
April 3, 2019

Perfect for different types of events and available to rent. Plus, it's discounted for members.

What We Do

From Resilient Miraloma Park to NERT, see our list of activities and achievements or sign up to volunteer.


Miraloma Park is a community of 2,200 homes on Mount Davidson in San Francisco.