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1. Design Guidelines Background

  • Introduction
  • Legal Basis
  • Purpose and Intent
  • Where the Guidelines Apply
  • Additional Guidelines for Historic Buildings
  • Organization of the Guidelines and Function of the Illustrations

2. Neighborhood Character

  • Topography and Terrain: Relation to Architectural Design
  • Topographic Features of Miraloma Park & Origins
  • Neighborhood Character
  • Neighborhood Character of Miraloma Park
  • Housing Styles in Miraloma Park

3. Residential Design Guidelines

  • The Design Process & Elements of Design
  • Siting & Location
  • Topography and Views
  • Topography and Light
  • Setbacks
  • Rear Yards
  • Side Spacing
  • Building Envelope and Roofline
  • Volume and Mass
  • Scale, Dimensions, Height, Width, Depth and Proportions
  • Texture and Detailing, Exterior Materials and Ornamentation
  • Openings, Entryways and Windows
  • Garage Doors, Other Parking Openings and Landscaping

4. Notification, Story Poles, the Miraloma Park Improvement Club, and Neighborhood Involvement

  • Notification and Story Poles
  • Miraloma Park Improvement Club (MPIC)
  • Neighborhood Involvement
  • References


  • A. Motion of Approval
  • B. Geographical Area of Miraloma Park
  • C. Maps of Shadowing from Mount Davidson on Miraloma Park
  • D. Building Types in Miraloma Park
  • E. View Preservation References
  • F. Conditions, Covenants, and Restrictions and Zoning
  • G. Garage Doors and Ornamentation in Miraloma Park Homes
  • H. Design Review Checklist
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October 27, 2017

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Miraloma Park is a community of 2,200 homes on Mount Davidson in San Francisco.