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Miraloma Life: April 2019

PDF CleanPowerSF Is Coming to Miraloma Park! “NEED HELP/OK” Month THE POLLS ARE OPEN! VOTE FOR PARTICIPATORY BUDGETING PROJECTS President’s Message Step Up!! Join the Tiling Project! Money Matters: Low Hanging Fruit Miraloma Community Connectors Upcoming Events First Aid Training at the MPIC Clubhouse NERT Teams Get Ready for Citywide Drill! MPIC Safety Committee Report: […] More

Polls Are Open! Vote Now for Participatory Budgeting Grants!

DON’T FORGET TO VOTE! Vote for the Miraloma Park Projects in these categories Vision Zero: Pedestrian Safety near Portola Drive Overpass and SFFD 39 – Pedestrian Safety category Pathways for Historic Miraloma Park Improvement Club House – Culture category Miraloma Park Vulnerable Residents Shelter and Care Project — Disaster Preparedness/ Emergency Services category Hop, Skip […] More

Budget for MPIC for 2019

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Letter to Senator Wiener RE: Vehicle Break-Ins

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Miraloma Life: March 2019

PDF WE NEED YOUR VOTES! Participatory Budgeting Participatory Budgeting Project 1: Pedestrian Safety at Portola & Miraloma & SFFD 39 Participatory Budgeting Project 2: Safe Pathways to our Historic Clubhouse Participatory Budgeting Project 3: Hop, Skip and Play on Omar Way Participatory Budgeting Project 4: Vulnerable Residents Shelter and Care Project History of Mt. Davidson […] More

Miraloma Life: February 2019

PDF History of Mt. Davidson – Part I President’s Message See Model of Miraloma Park in 1938 Miraloma Community Connectors Upcoming Events Are You “Tidying Up?” Want to combat crime? Have some spare time? MPIC Safety Committee Report More

NERT Meeting & Practice

NERTS and persons interested in NERT are invited to attend a meeting. Miraloma Park has an active NERT Neighborhood Team. The Team meets to continue to train and practice as a team to enhance their skills and ensure a more efficient response to a major disaster. The Miraloma Park NERT Coordinator is Joanie van Rijn contact her at for more information. More

Miraloma Life: January 2019

PDF Block Champion Program Launches This Month You Know the Mountain. Do You Know the Man? President’s Message Your Resilient Miraloma Park Team: Winter Neighborhood Empowerment Network Meeting January 17, 2019 @ 7pm Miraloma Park NERTs at the MPIC Clubhouse New Year’s Resolution: Adopt a Drain! Miraloma Community Connectors Upcoming Events 15 Small Resolutions with […] More

Letter to Supervisor Yee RE: Demolition-Controls

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Miraloma Life: December 2018

PDF President’s Message Who asked you? Not California Legislators: Up-Zoning SF Miraloma Park NERT Team Invites Neighboring NERT Teams for Joint Training Los Palmos Community Garden Clean-up Day Miraloma Community Connectors Upcoming Events MPIC Safety Committee Report Zero Waste Holiday Gift Ideas GOOD TO KNOW: MIRALOMA PARK RESIDENTIAL GUIDELINES More